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Just in the heart of Belgrade u on Skadarska Street 9 first BALI Detox Center for psychophysical rest, relaxation and body detoxication is located

Bali Detox use micro-electrical waves - the latest technological discovery for detoxication. The best way to watch your health is to remove toxins out of your body.
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Thanks to oxygen concentrator it takes only 20 minutes to recover your mental and physical strength and than you will be able to cope with stressed world around you!! Specialty of  massages in Bali Detox Center is applying aromatherapy in several ways helping your senses to enjoy!
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Closer to the New Year and Christmas holidays. For your loved ones, we have prepared a gift voucher for a memorable and relaxing treatment detox centers in Bali, which is an ideal way to rested and relaxed step into the New Year.

Bali Detox Center continues to take care of your health and beauty, so that our treatment of smoking cessation can painlessly and without any counter-effects, nervousness, stress and extra weight-ever solve this bad habit.


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