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By listening to the wishes and needs of our clients, we have created a Bali Detox Massage. This massage meets all the criteria of people who want to achieve maximum effect by massage.

If you wish to relax and, at the same time, do something very useful for your health, and also to rejuvenate the skin in a completely natural way, and help to reduce the volume and reduction of fat deposits, this is a massage for you.

Bali Detox massage is based on the use of sea salt, that has a detoxification and remineralizing effect in combination with essential oils.

Mineral salts contain minerals and oligo elements that activate the elimination of water from the body and promote sweating. By sweating, poisons are removed from the body, but also water that is not useful for our body. In this way, the dead cells from the epidermal surface are removed, allowing the skin to re-produce collagen (which is in charge of skin elasticity), so that the glow, tonus and softness of the skin is returned. Except for the skin becoming healthier, the aesthetic moment will delight you.

Since Bali Detox Massage accelerates the removal of excess water and toxins from the body, it acts directly on reducing volume and fat deposits.

We guarantee that there is no healthier or more pleasant way to rejuvenate the skin, to relax and to meet everyday challenges cheereful and relaxed.

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