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Body detoxification and Aqua detox

Basic way of preserving our health is to eliminate toxins. Bearing in mind we are living in polluted environment, different toxins accumulate in our body violating vitality we once had.

It is very important to perform detoxination of our body on a regular basis!

With ion detoxination we could remove toxins and recover our body by activating tissues, improving immune system, blocking viral infections and improving our mental health.

It is necessary to detoxicate organism and preserve our health.

Bali Detox, which use micro electrical waves, is the latest technological invention for detoxication that doesn’t require taking drugs or surgical operation. It is fast and safe way for natural detoxification.

First part of the treatment is mild feet peeling with fragrant salts because pores needs to be opened and prepared for the second phase which is ion detoxification.

It is necessary to dip your feet in warm sea water containing electrolytic part, cathode, and anode. Negative pole is in the water while positive one is in our hand connected with apparatus. By streaming of 2 mA electrical current, electrolysis of salt process begins which enable penetrating of ions into tissue. Metabolism accelerating and the water in the foot bath change its color. Based on color of water we have sensual results of purifying.

Black water points to presence of heavy metals in organism, alcohol, and liver problems. Red color points to asthma, problems with blood vessels, orange points to rheumatic, arthritis, and similar problems. The color of the water cannot make a precise diagnosis but points out to endangered organs and the purifying ones. Onto water surface you can clearly see drops of fat which means from some organs fats are also eliminating beside toxins.

Third part of treatment is floral bath with rose petals and at the end – 20 min of relaxing foot massage.

Persons with electro-implants, transplanted organs, epileptics, and pregnant women cannot use this package but kids can enjoy in the magic of Bali treatments like adults.


The stresses in the environment in which we live, a thousand gallons of polluted air every day pass through the lungs, unsafe water, the presence of pesticides and other pollutants necessarily affect the stability of the body. And how do we deal with only bohemian life, cigarettes, enjoy your favorite cocktail, or gustatory pleasures – irresistible culinary and send snacks that we neredko boldly challenge?

Do we need detoxification?
Modern lifestyle – including stress and improper nutrition – mean intake of toxins in your body, causing an imbalance of natural energy in your cells. Natural function of your cells, including absorptive and discharge of harmful substances. Imbalance can prevent the cells to effectively perform their function.

How does the treatment BALI Detox?
BALI Detox products frequencies from appliances that gently vibrates through your body and stimulates all body cells. The result that follows is to achieve energy balance in the cells, which then effectively work and expel toxins through the lymph through the 2000 pores, how much each of our foot.

How are the treatments?
Treatment lasts up to 1 hour, and consists of a mild peel scented salts, thirty-minute ionic detox, floral baths and foot massages relax.

How many treatments should I have?
It is suggested that users initially go from 4 to 6 treatments during the first month. It provides a good initial detoxification, but it can be done up to 10 treatments, if the user has a health problem or so off cellulite or overweight. After that, we recommend a form of maintenance once or twice a month. It is important to go 48 hours between treatments.

What are the benefits of treatment BALI Detox?
The benefits of treatment BALI Detox are numerous and many people have enjoyed significant improvement on their health. BALI Detox treatment is never the same for any two people, so the results may be different for people who suffer from similar symptoms. This is because the same symptoms can occur as a result of various underlying conditions. Many satisfied customers are your impressions left in the guest book.

Can anyone use the device BALI Detox?
There are three categories of people who should not use the device BALI Detox – People with pacemaker (pacemaker), people with epilepsy and pregnant women. Pregnant women who used the BALI Detox Treatment should not be too worried. However we do not recommend continued treatment. If you are not sure you may not use the device BALI Detox, consult with your doctor.

What does the color of the water treatment?
Colour of water during treatment changes depending on what toxins removed from the body. Orange indicates damage to the joints and the existence of cellulite, green kidney disease, gall bladder and urinary tract, while black and brown mostly on cleaning the liver, nicotine, heavy metals and free radicals…

People taking medication should not hesitate to use our treatment. BALI Detox stimulates only the natural bodily functions discharged, ie. only the release of toxins and other impurities that have, for whatever reason, mushroomed despite the body’s cells.

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