relax massage belgrade

Relax massage

Relax massage is pleasant hand massage which will help your organism relax by unifying of energy flow. The goal of this type of…

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Anti-cellulite Massage Belgrade

Anti celulite massage

Anti cellulite massage is the natural way to eliminate toxins from your body which are accumulated on fat cells. Depending of…

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Sports massage Belgrade

Sports massage

Sports massage accelerate process of muscle milk removing, that is acid originate due to work of muscle and it speeds up…

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Foot massage Belgrade

Foot massage

There are different zones on our foot matching all organs and glands in our organism and more than 70.000 nerve endings. Stimulating…

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Bali detox massage Belgrade

Bali detox massage

Bali Detox massage is based on the use of sea salts that have detoxifying and remineralisation function combined with essential oils. Mineral salts…

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Anti stress massage Belgrade

Anti stress massage

This massage represents combination of therapeutic and relax massages. Beside the fact it help relaxing this massage is used for balance establishing…

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Volcanic rocks, hot stone massage Belgrade

Hot stone massage

Massage with hot rocks is a special type of massage which helps relaxing of tensed muscle, improves blood circulation, and…

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Head and face massage Belgrade

Head and face massage

Head and face massage can eliminate a large array of problems, relax the tension and fatigue. In addition to massage will stimulate circulation…

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Ayurvedic massage, Ayurveda Belgrade

Ayurvedic massage

Ayurvedic lymphatic drainage is the oldest and most diverse massage techniques which aims to deeply harmonize body, mind and…

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Therapeutic back massage Belgrade

Therapeutic back massage

It is a combination of several manual massage techniques, further enriched with a mixture of essential oils that significantly reduce pain…

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Fitness massage Belgrade

Fitness massage

Fitness massage is a combination of intensive massage movements when is muscle in contraction. It is ideal for people who are…

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Yoga massage Belgrade

Yoga massage

In the pleasant surroundings of Bali Detox center you can experience the magic of yoga massage. This massage is a combination…

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