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About oxygen therapy

At Bali Detox Center you will join trend of inhaling oxygen which is an absolute hit in many western countries.

Followers of healthy life style inhaling oxygen at daily basis and among theme there are many famous people.

The most popular places in the world are bars were they will serve you oxygen for improving concentration and energy instead of alcohol and cigarettes.

Only for you, in the heart of Belgrade, Bali Detox Center provide you things which are already available to citizens of Paris, New York, Milan, London, etc. Thanks to oxygen concentrator it takes only 20 minutes to recover your mental and physical strength. Additional inhaling of oxygen improves decomposition of harmful substances originate upon bad metabolism and improves energetic capabilities of organism.

Just one treatment of oxygen inhaling is very important and it can contribute to acute body detoxication. However, to make this effect meaningful and long-term, regular oxygen inhaling is recommended for period of ten days or whenever you feel lack of energy and immunity.

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Oxygen in cosmetology

Oxygen decompose old cells and regenerate subcutaneous tissue and thanks to that trait wrinkles on your face and neck going away, double chin will fade away, and circles under the eyes will be much more visible and your skin becomes smooth and firm thanks to stimulation of cell metabolism. Madonna, Nicole Kidman, Courteney Cox, Cindy Crawford and i Christy Turlington use oxygen based masks and inhale pure oxygen on a daily basis at Detoxication Centers.

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Bali Detox Center used researcher’s experience to understand that aging leads to decreasing oxygen level in the skin so the cells cannot fight with toxins and they need much more time for recovering. We want to take care of your health and beauty and the only thing you should do is to come and visit us and dedicate only 20 minutes to yourselves on a daily basis.

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