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Massage School

We are engaged in the education of adults, creating frames for cosmetic, therapeutic and sports massage.

Main course:

    • relaxation massage,
    • anti-cellulite massage,
    • sports massage
    • anti-stress massage,
    • acupressure face and head mass,
    • foot massage.

The main course consists of the adoption of theoretical and practical knowledge and skills for a period of four weeks, twice a week for four hours, teaching hours of the minimum 32 hours per month (the need for additional exercise classes and a subsequent charge). During the training, the students learn about the basics of anatomy and physiology, massage effect on the human body, indications and contraindications. Adopt different techniques already mentioned massage.

The price of the main course is 300€.

Advanced course:

Advanced training includes adoption of volcanic stone massage techniques, phyto-therapy, lymphatic drainage, body spa treatments (peels, packs, rituals of preparing and preparation rooms), weight loss treatments and massages renewal of the body. The training lasts for 4 weeks twice a week for four hours. The theoretical part includes preparations (composition, operation and use), indications and contraindications, equipment maintenance (volcanic rocks, bags of phyto-therapy).

The price of the advanced course is 200€.

At the end of the training is done testing skills and knowledge of hand massage. The student is given an opportunity to try his hand in his first professional massage, as well as the possibility of permanent employment.

For further information you can call on tel: +381 65 99 66 654

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