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This massage is recommended for athletes, as well as for recreational players. There are several types of sports massages.

A massage that takes place after training, or a long-lasting muscular effort, prevents the formation of lactic acid, or removes it, if its accumulation has already occurred. The accumulated lactic acid converts to calcification, which can cause muscle tension and even pain.

There are also sports massages which role is to repair the most common sports injuries (pitchers elbow, tennis elbow, swimming shoulder, jumping knee, etc.). This massage is recommended even when no injuries have occurred, but the muscle is tired, so that the goal of the massage is to reduce tension and to relax it.

Sport massages are often used to prepare athletes for the competition, match, and so on. This massage relaxes the peripheral nervous system and prepares the body for new workout. Sports massages improve the blood circulation in the muscles, which makes it prepared for the following effort.

If you are a recreational player, sports massage will be very beneficial for you, because recreational players are more likely to experience lactose collection which, if not treated in time, could become a serious problem and a painful condition.

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