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Are you tired of stress and hard work? Are you struggling with an injury? Do you have muscle or back pain? Or do you simply enjoy a professional massage and want to relax in the right way?

Bali DETOX Center and Bali SPA Massage Center will help you recharge your body with the necessary energy. And that energy is very necessary for everyday life that awaits you if you live or work in a big city like Belgrade.

Aqua Detox Serbia Belgrade


As the environment in which we live is very polluted, various toxins accumulate in our body. Worst of all, we are not aware of that. Over time, toxins in our body can seriously impair our health.

That is why it is very important that we regularly detoxify our body!

With ionic detoxification, we can remove toxins and recover our body. And that by activating tissues, raising the immune system, preventing viral infections and promoting mental health. It is necessary to cleanse the body of toxins and thus maintain health.

Facial treatments

Your face looks tired, drunk and old. You don’t deserve it. You deserve a professional facial treatment that will restore the freshness, radiance and youthful fullness of your skin.

Our facial treatments are very pleasant and relaxing. So, in addition to making you look younger, it will also make you feel that way! The various facial treatment techniques applied by our therapists relieve stress and tension. Facial treatments hydrate, strengthen, strengthen the elasticity and tone of the skin and thus rejuvenate it.

Facial treatments Belgrade
Quitting smoking Belgrade

Quitting smoking

Bali Detox follows the latest trends and technology applied in smoking cessation treatments. First, we found a way to help anyone who wants to get rid of those bad habits. Secondly, you will leave cigarettes forever and it will be completely painless. Third, there are no counter-effects, nervousness, stress and extra weight.

Laser smoking cessation treatment works on the principle of stimulating endorphins with a laser beam. Raising endorphin levels in the body leads to a loss of physical desire to smoke. In addition, endorphins are also known as the hormone of happiness, help heal wounds and improve mood.

Oxygen therapy

The trend of inhaling pure oxygen is an absolute hit in the West. Admirers of a healthy life, and among them are the leading names of the world’s jet set, consume additional oxygen every day. First of all, in today’s situation when the world was ruled by a pandemic caused by the Corona virus!

Just for you in the heart of Belgrade, Bali Detox Center has provided what is already available to the citizens of Paris, New York, Milan, London…

Oxygen therapy Belgrade