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This massage will give you better relief from tension, spasm and stress than any other. At the same time, it will visibly improve look and quality of the facial skin.

During this massage, the muscle tissue is stimulated with light movements that accelerate circulation and provides a better flow of blood to the heart. The level of oxygen in the blood increases and goes to the brain, which causes a sense of relaxation of the whole body.

It has been proven that massage of the head and face reduces the level of stress hormone cortisol in the blood, but also leads to an increase in the number of white blood cells, that are part of the immune system. It eliminates fatigue and tension, and therefore our body becomes stronger and more resistant.

It has long been known to everyone that on the face and head there are points associated with certain organs in the body, and that by proper stimulation, i.e. by massaging these points, you can significantly reduce headache, menopause effects, tension of the nerves, toothache, sinus problems, etc.

The therapist uses natural oils, rich in vitamins, that feed the skin and make it more fresh and beautiful.

Apart from using the massage to stimulate the circulation of the blood of the face and head, your skin will receive a healthy glow, and the hair will be nourished and strengthened.

Head and face massage is particularly recommended for poor concentration and chronic headaches and stress.

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