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Accumulated fat and toxins under the surface of the skin are called cellulite. These are unevenly distributed nodules that create unevenness on the skin. Apart from being an aesthetic problem, cellulite is also a very important indicator of insufficient health care.

Therefore, we always emphasize that cellulite is not only an aesthetic but also a health problem, so we advise you to get rid of it as soon as possible.


Anti cellulite massage is the most natural way for the body to get rid of toxins while the accumulated fat deposits gradually melt and disappear. The effects of this massage are twofold. Despite the opinion that this massage gives only an aesthetic effect (disappearance of the so-called “orange peel skin”), it has extremely significant health benefits. Anti cellulite massage accelerates the natural cleansing of the body, and the body free of toxins is not a good host for viruses and bacteria. So, in addition to being satisfied with the reflection in the mirror, you will feel much better, have more energy and be more resistant to many diseases.

After the anti cellulite massage, the treated skin will look tighter, it will be smooth and velvety. The reason for that is the quality of the massage oils that we use, but also the movements that activate the blood flow during the massage. If you are one of those people whose circulation is a bit slower, this massage will make an extremely big shift in that field.

Collagen, which is naturally found in the skin and serves to maintain its elasticity and youthful appearance, will be produced more intensively after a series of anti-cellulite massages.


There are different techniques of anti cellulite massage, and which one will be applied is decided through an individual analysis of the condition of each client. The great success of our anti cellulite massages comes from this individual approach to each client.

Most often, an adequate combination of classical – manual massage is performed, which is characterized by a somewhat stronger pressure on the treated spot and lymphatic drainage, which removes excess substances trapped in nodules called cellulite.

MANUAL anti-cellulite massage is the most natural way to achieve the longest lasting effect.

Various packages are often used, which include auxiliary means that enhance the effect of massage and start the natural processes in the body, whose task is to accelerate the burning of accumulated fat deposits.


The first effects can be noticed very quickly, in the form of a feeling of improving peripheral circulation and expelling excess water, reducing the “tired legs” feeling and improving skin tone, but the massage seassions are continued until complete healing, ie the disappearance of cellulite. We are happy to note that you can influence the speed of achieving the ultimate goal by harmonizing your life habits with the rules of a healthier life. Our therapists will inform you about this in detail, so you will, among other things, get advice on foods that are desirable to take in larger quantities, and the ones that should be avoided.


One of the questions and concerns of our clients is whether this massage is painful. Namely, it should be borne in mind that the sensibility of each person is different and that the tissue is more sensitive in the place where there is cellulite, so the pressure is adjusted.

Particular attention is paid to pressure and intensity in women who have problems with capillaries that are the cause of poor peripheral circulation. But, most importantly, it must not be a strong pain, which is extremely taken into account so this should not present an obstacle in your decision.

A very common question is who performs the massage. In our centers, anti-cellulite massage is performed by physiotherapists specialized in this area, whose rich experience and constant improvement you can recognize yourself at the first contact with this type of treatment for unwanted skin conditions.

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