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Fitness massage is in many ways different from other massages and that is why you need to get acquainted with its characteristics in order to be able to assess whether it is suitable for you or not.

Fitness massage, as the name suggests, represents a certain type of training – but this time training exclusively for certain muscles or muscle groups. It is ideal for people who play sports, professionally or recreationally. This does not mean that those who do not practice any kind of sport should not try it.

What is it really about?

During the performance of a fitness massage, a certain participation of the client is implied, because the movements are faster, the whole course of the massage is more active than is the case with standard massages.

This massage is adored by people who want a supple body, a feeling of freshness and relief. The level of muscle activation is just enough for you not to get tired, but to start the production of the hormone of happiness, the same hormone that is activated after a classic training, which is one of the reasons for the cheerful mood you go out with after the massage.

The therapist uses more intense massage movements while the muscle is in contraction. The speed and intensity depends on the readiness of the muscles and the goal to be achieved, which you discuss before starting the massage with the therapist.

If the therapist notices that one muscle or group of muscles is “more lazy” than others, he gently activates its function with adequate massage movements.

Fitness massage is ideal for people who want to speed up the circulation and flow of substances through the body in order to get rid of toxins. It has a positive effect on the vitality of the whole organism, helps to establish the normal work of the metabolism, and has a beneficial effect on the immune system. 

Remember that feeling of lightness of the body after a classic massage, so imagine the same feeling only at least twice as intense – that is the effect of a fitness massage that you notice immediately. After regular use of this massage, the body will show you its gratitude because it pleases all parts of the body, making them rejuvenated and active.

By practicing fitness massage, you ensure the proper work of all muscles and joints, prevent the most common injuries in everyday life, and maintain fitness and flexibility of the body. The feeling after the massage is relief, good mood and enthusiasm. The description is summarized from a series of comments from our dear clients and fitness massage lovers. 

If you do not like classic training, and you want to be in shape, you should definitely try this massage and you will very quickly notice its health benefits, both physically and mentally.

Remember, our body is made for movement and muscles “love” when you activate them. It is up to you to choose the way. We are sure that this is one of the most pleasant methods to provide yourself with a vital body and a good mood.

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