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How to quit smoking?

Bali Detox Center Belgrade continues to take care of your health and beauty as we follow the world’s top technology found a way to painlessly without any counter-effects, nervousness, stress, and additional amounts of weight and forever rid of this bad habit.

Our laser treatment works by LaserCare method which is the most advanced and complete as treatments for quitting smoking cigarettes. Every time you turn on cigarette nicotine raises the levels of endorphins in your body. Drop in endorphin levels leads to symptoms like stress and tension, and soon after coming to the desire for a new dose of nicotine.

Outcome of the treatment of smoking cessation laser works by stimulating endorphin by the beam of laser light. Raising the level of endorphins in the body leads to loss of physical desire to smoke. Endorphin is also known as the happiness hormone, helps heal wounds and improve mood.

Laser therapy for smoking cessation combined traditional Chinese medicine and the latest laser technology. The advantages of laser methods that treat the energy points on the classic acupuncture the following:

  • laser has a longer and deeper impact
  • there is no possibility of laser skin infections
  • laser treatment is painless

The tretrman takes place in a pleasant atmosphere and is very pleasing to the client.

On the day of your treatment:

Stop smoking for at least two hours before your arrival because we want you to come with the desire to smoke. In this way, our treatment will immediately confirm its effectiveness with a sudden loss of desire to smoke.

In the first part of the treatment of the interview with the patient, we learn about the patient, his habits, we introduce a patient in the course of therapy and explains how a laser works. The next phase of treatment is the stimulation of acupuncture points of various energy contained in the ear, nose and hands.

Oxygen therapy

After laser, oxygen therapy treatment continues. It is well known that lung damage in smokers and cluttered, and thus arises a lack of oxygen in the blood to the brain and other organs …

Inhalation of pure oxygen treatment helps regenerate lung, faster recovery clogged blood vessels, strengthens your heart and reduces the risk of heart attack. Oxygen is also vital for your immune system, memory and vision.

While you relax with tea for detoxification and oxygen therapy done another interview with the client. The aim of this discussion is that the patient is as easy as overcome the first period without nicotine.

Take note of the time, date and place because you just end a long one and a bad relationship…keep your peace with it.

After treatment, the body begins to clear of harmful substances (nicotine, tar, etc..) That are introduced into the body for years. To help faster and better detoxification of the body, it would be desirable to use our treatment and detoxification of the body.

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