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Bali spa massage

About Bali SPA Massage Center

By December 1, 2018 in Skadarska Street No. 1 started our new center for professional massage and facial care, Bali SPA Massage Center.

Unlike Bali Detox Center in Bali Massage SPA center you can enjoy the magic of professional massages and treatments for face. Treatments for detoxification, oxygen therapy and smoking cancellation are still available to our esteemed clients only in the Bali DETOX Center.

We have invested a lot of effort and energy into the creation of another center where you can completely relax and enjoy and relax your mind and body. For this reason, we will be happy to visit you and share with us the impressions of the new Bali SPA Massage Center.

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Relax massage

Relax massage is pleasant hand massage which will help your organism relax by unifying of energy flow. The goal of this type of…

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Anti celulite massage

Anti cellulite massage is the natural way to eliminate toxins from your body which are accumulated on fat cells. Depending of…

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Sports massage

Sports massage accelerate process of muscle milk removing, that is acid originate due to work of muscle and it speeds up…

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Foot massage

There are different zones on our foot matching all organs and glands in our organism and more than 70.000 nerve endings. Stimulating…

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Bali SPA massage

Bali Detox massage is based on the use of sea salts that have detoxifying and remineralisation function combined with essential oils. Mineral salts…

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Anti stress massage

This massage represents combination of therapeutic and relax massages. Beside the fact it help relaxing this massage is used for balance establishing…

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Hot stone massage

Massage with hot rocks is a special type of massage which helps relaxing of tensed muscle, improves blood circulation, and…

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Head and face massage

Head and face massage can eliminate a large array of problems, relax the tension and fatigue. In addition to massage will stimulate circulation…

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Ayurvedic massage

Ayurvedic lymphatic drainage is the oldest and most diverse massage techniques which aims to deeply harmonize body, mind and…

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Therapeutic back massage

It is a combination of several manual massage techniques, further enriched with a mixture of essential oils that significantly reduce pain…

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Fitness massage

Fitness massage is a combination of intensive massage movements when is muscle in contraction. It is ideal for people who are…

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Yoga massage

In the pleasant surroundings of Bali Detox center you can experience the magic of yoga massage. This massage is a combination…

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PRICELIST Bali DETOX and Bali SPA Pricelist pdf

Relax massage (stress relieve and relaxing muscle) 70 min. 4.000,00
Sports Massage (intensive deep tissue massage for removing muscle tension) 60 min. 4.000,00
Anti-Stress Massage (combination of relax and therapeutic massage) 70 min. 4.000,00
Hot Stone Massage (Massage with hot rocks is a special type of massage) 70 min. 4.000,00
Yoga Massage (therapeutic massage muscle stretching) 70 min. 4.000,00
Chocolate Massage (relax massage with cocoa butter-based oil) 70 min. 4.000,00
Bali SPA massage (body scrub with sea salt and detox oils, relax massage) 90 min. 5.000,00
Ayurvedic Massage (establishing of psychophysical balance of organism) 90 min. 5.000,00
Aromatherapy Special (for strengthening the immunity and establishing an energy balance of the organism) 75 min. 5.500,00
Duo massage – 10% (massage of choice for two in the same room is the right choice for people who want to enjoy moments together) 60/70 min. 7.400,00
Anti-cellulite Massage with Wrapping (hand lymph drainage, thermal wrapping) 60 min. 3.500,00
Therapeutic Back Massage 35 min. 2.400,00
Anti-Cellulite Massage 35 min. 2.400,00
Scalp and Face (lifting) Massage 30 min. 2.400,00
Foot Massage 30 min. 2.400,00
Back & Head Massage 50 min. 3.400,00
Anti-stress Facial Treatment (peeling, hand lifting, mask) 45 min. 3.500,00
Bali Facial Treatment (microdermabrasion , hydration and regeneration) 60 min. 4.500,00
Facial Treatment with hyaluronan (restores  skin volume and moisture – rejuvenating effect) 60 min. 4.500,00
Vitamin cocktail (for quick and visible radiance effect) 60 min. 4.500,00
Special facial treatment (intensive treatment for the hydration and strengthening of collagen) 75 min. 5.500,00
Oxygen therapy 20 min. 1.700,00
Bioptron therapy 20 min. 1.700,00
Ultrasound therapy  10 min. 1.700,00
IF current therapy 20 min. 1.700,00


1. VIP PACKAGE – 200 min – 15.300,00 – 20% discount = 12.200,00

  • massage of choice
  • face treatment of your choice
  • therapy with oxygen and Bioptron
  • foot massage
2. BALI SPA PACKAGE – 180 min – 11.900,00 – 20% discount = 9.500,00

  • bali spa massage
  • face treatment of your choice
  • foot massage
3. RELAX PACKAGE – 150 min – 10.200,00 – 20% discount = 8.200,00

  • relax body massage
  • face treatment of your choice
  • therapy with oxygen
4. ANTI-STRESS PACKAGE – 120 min – 7.500,00 – 15% discount = 6.400,00

  • anti-stress body massage
  • anti-stress facial treatment
5. SHOPPING PACKAGE – 95 min – 7.200,00 – 15% discount = 6.100,00

  • back massage
  • head and face massage
  • foot massage
6. SPECIAL PACKAGE – 150 min – 11.000,00 – 15% discount = 9.300,00

  • aroma therapy special massage
  • facial treatment special
7. MASSAGE OF CHOICE – 5×35 min – 12.000,00 – 20% discount = 9.600,00

  • five massages
8. MASSAGE OF CHOICE – 5×70 min – 20.000,00 – 20% discount = 16.000,00

  • five massages
9. MASSAGE OF CHOICE – 5×90 min – 25.000,00 – 20% discount = 20.000,00

  • five massages
10. OXYGEN / BIOTRON THERAPY – 5×20 min – 8.500,00 – 20% discount = 6.8000,00

  • five treatments
11. FACIAL TREATMENTS – 5×60 min – 22.500,00 – 20% discount  = 18.000,00

  • five facial treatments of choice
12. ANTICELLULITE PACKAGE – 10 treatments – 29.500,00 – 20% discount = 23.600,00

  • five anti-cellulite massage
  • five anti-cellulite massage packs

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    Bali SPA Massage

    Skadarska street 1
    Belgrade, Serbia

    Work time 9:00 do 21:00

    PIB 104128028
    TR 150-000001850815-70



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