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About Bali Detox Centre

In a pleasant and exotic milieu, in the heart of Belgrade, is located center for psychophysical rest, relaxation and body detoxication according to ancient recipe by Nikola Tesla and according to life style of most famous Hollywood stars.

On 9 Skadarska Street, you can find first Bali Detox Center for detoxication and relaxing in Belgrade.

Surroundings of an exotic Indonesia island will remind you on careless summer days, lying around in the shade, smell of sea water, and beautiful sunsets.

Specialty of Bali Detox Center is purifying of body through foot. Second name for foot is “second heart” because on each foot you can find more than 70 acupuncture points and thousands of nerve endings connected with brain, hearth, and other organs.

In addition to, there are 4000 pores on foot which enable easy and practical removing of harmful substances out of your body with the help of water and low-frequency current.

Bali Detox Center offers various types of massages: relax massage, anti-celulite massage, bali detox massage, anti-stress massage, volcanic rocks massage, head & face massage, ayurvedic massage,  sports massage, therapeutic back massage, fitness massage, yoga massage and foot massage (reflexology).