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Relax massage is a mild, pleasant hand massage that achieves relaxation of the body by combining the flow of energy. It aims at nourishing the body for the purpose of raising general health. It serves to prevent stress and fatigue, as well as to muscle relaxation.

An accelerated pace of life causes inevitable accumulation of stress hormones (cortisol) in the body. Increased levels of this hormone can lead to insomnia, headaches, and even problems with digestion organs. Relax massage causes good mood, stimulates relaxation and is considered an initial step to help the body to get rid of stress hormones.

It is possible to perform whole body relaxation massage, or partial relaxation massage of certain parts of the body (legs, foots, back, arms, abdomen, chest, neck and face).

Our suggestion is to feel the magic of the whole body relaxation massage. In this way you will feel fresh and relaxed, your muscles will be tension free. In addition, our therapists will notice if some part of your body is under a lot of tension or injured, so you will know which massage is best to choose in the future.

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